Euro Premium

EURO•PREMIUM® has more than 20 years of professional experience in providing high quality dry dog food. The development of our products is based on years of experience of dedicated veterinarians and specialized nutritional experts.
Katz Menu

Katz Menu

Katz Menu is a premium dryfood for young, active, lazy, fat and old cats. The nutritional need of a cat has also been taken into consideration. The products are for sale in a very nice and attractive packaging.

Deli Nature en

Deli Nature

Deli Nature is food for birds, rodents, rabbits and hobby animals. The mixtures are specially based on the daily nutritional needs in the natural habitat of the animal.

Beyers en


Quality is the magic word for all Beyers mixtures. The selection of high-quality grains, a fourfold cleaning and well-balanced compositions make sure that the pigeons has nothing too short.