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All commercial transactions concluded between NV Beduco with its registered office at 2900 Schoten, Wasserijstraat 25, registered in the register of legal entities under number BE 0 426 099 818, hereinafter „Beduco“ and the client, hereinafter the “Client”, are governed by the following general terms and conditions.
These general terms and conditions shall prevail over the general or special terms and conditions of the Client and exclude the application thereof..


The goods shall remain the property of Beduco as long as they have not been paid by the Client.


The quantities of the goods delivered by Beduco will be measured using automated weighing devices and shall be deemed to have been accepted upon leaving the warehouses.
The stated quantities of goods that are delivered to Beduco by or on behalf of the Client for storage and/or processing cannot be invoked against Beduco..


In the case of failure to collect goods on time, even in the case of orders on demand, Beduco reserves the right either to impose a price adjustment and storage costs or to deem the order as having been cancelled.


The goods that are sold, processed and/or stored are deemed to be delivered in good condition to the Client or to the party designated by the Client unless, in the case of visible defects, the Client lodges a protest immediately upon delivery or, in the case of non-visible defects, on the third day after delivery.


Beduco will only accept orders to transport goods in its capacity as an intermediary in the organisation of such transportation without assuming any responsibility. Under no circumstances does Beduco accept any liability as a carrier.


The Client is required to insure goods belonging to the Client that are stored with Beduco or that are being processed for payment against All Risks and also against Recourse by Third Parties and Business Civil Liability, with waiver of recourse as regards Beduco.


Invoices from Beduco are due and payable at its registered office, regardless of the payment method used. The invoiced amounts will generate interest automatically by operation of law and without the requirement for prior notice of default at 12% per year from the invoice due date.

In the event of non-payment of invoiced amounts on the due date, a fixed payment of 10% is moreover payable automatically by operation of law and without prior notice of default on the unpaid amounts, in addition to any interest and costs whatsoever.

Late payment of invoices due shall automatically result in all claims of Beduco against the Client falling due, regardless of the stated due date.

The Client hereby grants Beduco a right of pledge and right of retention on all goods entrusted to Beduco to secure any claim that Beduco has on the Client.


Belgian Law and the general and special terms and conditions of Beduco apply exclusively.

Any disputes shall be referred to the courts with jurisdiction for the registered office of Beduco.

Beduco NV • Wasserijstraat 25 • B-2900 Schoten
TEL +32 3 326 07 10 • FAX +32 3 328 08 15
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